Thick of It writer ridicules Ed Miliband’s 8ft ‘policy cenotaph’

Thick of It writer ridicules Ed Miliband's 8ft 'policy cenotaph'
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Ed Miliband has woken up to ridicule this morning after the Guardian unveiled his latest election accessory. No longer content with his trusty lectern, the Labour leader has bizarrely commissioned an 8ft 6in stone inscription which bears Labour's key election promises.

  Miliband plans to install this in the Downing Street Rose Garden if he succeeds in getting in to Number 10. Given that the Tories' pledge to protect their tax cuts promise with a law was seen as a 'last minute gimmick', Labour have managed to take the phrase to new heights.

In fact, Mr S thinks it all sounds a bit like a plot line from the BBC's The Thick of It. It turns out that the show's writer Simon Blackwell agrees: 

Ed Miliband builds a policy cenotaph. And you wonder why we stopped doing The Thick Of It.

— Simon Blackwell (@simonblackwell) May 3, 2015

With politicians like this, who needs satire?

Update: Is the dream already over for Miliband? Speculation is growing that Labour will need planning permission in order to erect the 8ft 6in stone in the Downing Street garden. Of course, Miliband will also need to deal with the small matter of getting elected first if he does wish to continue with the plan.