Rod Liddle

To you Celtic Football Club, I say: Never!

To you Celtic Football Club, I say: Never!
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Celtic supporters sung Irish “rebel” songs during the one minute’s Remembrance Day silence before the kick off of their game at Falkirk. Even more Celtic fans waited outside the turnstiles so that they would not have to take part in the commemoration. What an unspeakably foul club it is, bigoted and filled with sectarian hatred. And yet the only Glasgow club which ever gets punished for fuelling sectarian hatred is its rival, Rangers. It is not so long ago that FIFA decided that Rangers supporters were racist bigots for singing their fatuous, hate-filled tales about the Battle of the Boyne etc, while Celtic’s supporters were merely reveling in a noble folk song tradition while singing their fatuous hate filled tales about how good the IRA are.

Celtic wish to join the Premier League – ie the league of the historic Bruddush uppressor. That’s because they’d make a lot more money from finishing fourteenth (at best) in the Premier League than finishing first or second in Scotland. We should never let them do so. Let them have the courage of their convictions and join the League of Ireland where, in their exciting games against Sligo Rovers and Shelbourne, they will never be asked to observe a minute’s silence to commemorate those who fought against totalitarianism. Incidentally, Celtic could only draw with the bottom club, Falkirk. Mr De Valera, your bhoys are useless.