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Today in audio: ‘Remain’ fights back as PM warns of Brexit ‘bomb’

Today in audio: 'Remain' fights back as PM warns of Brexit 'bomb'
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Momentum in the 'Leave' campaign seems to be growing after Brexit took the lead in two polls out today. There are, however, still several weeks until the actual day of the EU referendum and the gap between the two sides remains marginal (four per cent). But 'Remain' still seem shaken by these polls. Here's how they spent the day fighting back:

David Cameron said Brexit would put a bomb under Britain's economy, going on to say that 'the worst thing is, we would have lit the fuse ourselves':

The PM was backed up Lib Dem leader Tim Farron. In a joint event, Farron said the argument for 'Leave' was built on 'utter, invented rubbish':

But in the tit-for-tat battle which is the EU referendum, the 'Leave' campaign also went on the offensive today. Boris said the UK would 'thrive and prosper' outside the European Union 'as never before':

Whilst Michael Gove said it was 'very hard to be idealistic' about the state of the EU as it is today:

In the Commons, Michael Fabricant asked whether a house price downturn in the event of Brexit might be a good thing:

And Nigel Farage said he was 'bored' with people telling him the EU needed to be reformed: