Tory MP: Conservatives resemble ‘the armed wing of Ukip’

Tory MP: Conservatives resemble 'the armed wing of Ukip'
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It's day one of Tory conference and already the blue-on-blue warfare is rife. Aside from Boris-bashing in the main hall, the fringes have been witness to some choice comments.

This afternoon's ‘How Can Conservatives Win Back Under 45s in 2022’ fringe event, saw a panel comprised of Justine Greening, Neil O’Brien, David Willets, George Freeman and the Times’ Rachel Sylvester gather to let off steam about Brexit and Theresa May. Freeman complained (again) that May’s Tories have ‘no vision’. However, the comment that got Mr S's attention was his claim that his party is starting to resemble the ‘armed wing of UKIP'.

Putting aside the fact that deputy party chairman has said Ukip voters should come to the Tories, Steerpike is rather confused. After all, if the Conservatives really were the 'armed wing of Ukip', wouldn't they be pushing for a different Brexit? Say, one with full control?

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