Trump protests: Ash Sarkar vs Piers Morgan – ‘I’m a communist, you idiot!’

Trump protests: Ash Sarkar vs Piers Morgan – 'I'm a communist, you idiot!'
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As the protesters gather for President Trump's impending visit to the UK, a debate is going on over whether it's all got a bit too much. Given that the US president managed to visit Emmanuel Macron in France with little hoo-ha, are some Brits overreacting over this instance of international diplomacy?

That was the topic of conversation at least on the Good Morning Britain this morning. In an interview, Piers Morgan accused Ash Sarkar – the left-wing blogger – of hypocrisy for protesting Trump's visit over his policy of splitting families on the Mexican border when she hadn't done the same for her 'hero' Obama's previous visit over his own border policy. Only there was one problem – Sarkar isn't an Obama fan, she 's a 'communist – you idiot!':

PM: It's double standards. If you find them both unconscionable and it's the same issue you have to march twice, don't you?

AS: Piers, I would actually encourage you to check out some of the other work I've done where I've been intensely critical...

PM: Tell you what I'd do Ash, I'd go and check out some basic facts about your hero Obama

AS: He's not my hero. I'm a communist, you idiot!

PM: Well, you didn't plan any protests against him, did you?!

Mr S will leave readers to decide who won that clash...

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