Watch: Donald Trump vs ‘fake news’

Watch: Donald Trump vs 'fake news'
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Given that Donald Trump's day got off to a bad start thanks to Buzzfeed's decision to publish an ‘unverified and potentially unverifiable’ document suggesting Russian spies have compromising information on the President-elect, many had expected him to call off today's press conference. However, the Donald did no such thing and instead was on fighting form as he took questions from hacks on everything from the wall to his germaphobe ways.

Alas not all hacks were so welcome. When a CNN journalist -- a publication on Trump's hit list -- tried to ask a question in response, Trump became enraged and refused -- explaining that he does not talk to 'fake news'. In relation to CNN, Trump sarcastically referred to the BBC as ‘another beauty’. He then turned his ire to Buzzfeed -- branding the site a ‘failing piece of garbage’, in response to their decision to publish the unverified document.

Should Jeremy Corbyn still wish to mimic Trump's anti-establishment approach to handling the media, Mr S suspects the Labour leader is going to have to up his insults dramatically...

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