Watch: Max Mosley’s disastrous Channel 4 interview – ‘that probably is racist’

Watch: Max Mosley's disastrous Channel 4 interview – 'that probably is racist'
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Oh dear. This week the Daily Mail published the findings of an investigation into the 'racist and thuggish' past of ex-Formula One boss Max Mosley. The paper asked whether Mosley – who donated more than £500,000 to Tom Watson, lied at his orgy privacy trial. Under oath at the High Court, Mosley denied a leaflet allegedly published by him on 'coloured immigrants' existed. However, the Mail claims to have tracked it down in a historical archive. The pamphlet says 'coloured immigrants' spread 'tuberculosis, VD and other terrible diseases like leprosy'. It says they should be sent 'home' because 'coloured immigration threatens your children's health'.

Mosley denies the claims and appeared on Channel 4 news to try and defend himself. Alas the interview didn't go quite to plan. Asked by Cathy Newman about the leaflet, Mosley appeared to change his tune several times – over both the ownership of the leaflet and the nature of its contents. Mosley did at least concede that the leaflet 'probably is racist'.

Mr S will lead readers to watch the full interview for themselves:

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