Watch: Minister taken to task over ‘Brexit dividend’

Watch: Minister taken to task over 'Brexit dividend'
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Theresa May has said a Brexit dividend will help fund the NHS cash boost, but does it actually exist? It was left to health minister Jackie Doyle-Price to convince viewers on the Daily Politics that it does. But Mr S wasn't entirely convinced by her explanation:

Andrew Neil: It surely stands to reason that there is no Brexit dividend to finance these rises.

Jackie Doyle-Price: Well, the secretary of state made clear in his statement that this would come in a reduction of subscriptions (to the EU) but also, we will have to look at taxes as well.

AN: But there is no reduction of subscriptions in 19/20 or 20/21, they continue during the transition period. So in these two years at least and probably for a third year, there is no Brexit dividend, correct?

JDP: But equally this funding settlement is to look to give certainty to the NHS...


AN: But we’ve agreed it can’t come from a Brexit dividend in these years...if it can’t come from a Brexit dividend, it can only come from new taxes or extra borrowing?

JDP: Indeed

Mr S will believe the government's Brexit dividend when he sees it...

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