Watch: Paul Mason says Kim Jong-un has ‘done the world a favour’

Watch: Paul Mason says Kim Jong-un has ‘done the world a favour’
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Oh dear. With North Korea threatening to detonate a nuclear bomb in the Pacific Ocean, world leaders are left scratching their heads over what to do about the rogue state's penchant for nuclear weapons.

But has North Korea actually just done the world a favour by threatening to bomb Japan, South Korea and the US? That's the claim Paul Mason tried to peddle on last night's episode of Question Time. The journalist-turned-left-wing-revolutionary argued that Kim Jong-un has 'done the world a favour' by putting Donald Trump 'on the back foot' through his nuclear game plan:

'In a way, Kim Jong-Un has done - only in this metaphorical way - the world a favour because he has put Donald Trump on the back foot.

Trump has all his life fantasised about using nuclear weapons. Right back to 1945, in American conservative tradition there is a wing that says nuclear weapons are not that bad, people survive them.'

Mason isn't alone in having supportive words for North Korea. His Corbyn comrade Andrew Murray previously expressed 'solidarity' with the country.

Viva la revolución!