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We can’t turn them away (but we will unless you do something about it)

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If you're a British resident or citizen (subject, surely?) might I suggest you add your name to the petition calling upon Her Majesty's Government to provide refuge in the United Kingdom for those Iraqi translators and other Iraqi civilians who have risked their lives working for the British armed forces in southern Iraq and who, consequently, have much to fear if left in Iraq. You might also want to write to your MP.

This isn't a matter of whether one was for the war or against it. It's a matter of simple decency, honour and obligation: all of which makes one think that absent significant public and media pressure the government will, in traditional style, find a way to do the shabby thing. That is, after all, the current default position.

The blog campaign was kicked off by Dan Hardie and his site has all the links and updates you could possibly need.

Related question: how will the US meet its obligations to Iraqis who have worked for the army and Marine Corps? If you're a US citizen, perhaps you might consider lobbying your Congressman about this.

UPDATE: If you're on Facebook (and if you're not how non-hip are you?) you should join this Facebook group.

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