What did Ed Miliband’s new big donor mean about a ‘holocaust’?

What did Ed Miliband's new big donor mean about a 'holocaust'?
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Millionaire hippy Dale Vince OBE has written Ed Miliband a cheque for a quarter of a million to counter the struggling Labour leader's business credentials. Worth some £107 million, Vince, who founded Ecotricity, claims 'there’s no way to my mind that the Labour Party is anti-business'. And that's not the only daft thing he has said.

Asked by Daisy Green Magazine about whether he was a vegan for environmental or compassionate reasons, Vince replied:

'It's for both those reasons and also it's on health grounds (meat and dairy are bad for us) - and it's because the idea of treating animals in the way we do, subjecting them and their families to this incredibly violent and cruel 'holocaust' year in and out - is just so barbaric and immoral. We do it because we can, not because we need to.'

Who does he think he is, Morrissey?