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What does Gordon do on May 2nd?

What does Gordon do on May 2nd?
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At the risk of getting ahead of ourselves, an occupational hazard of punditry, there are some interesting thoughts out there about what Gordon will do on May 2nd if the polls are right. Ben Brogan argues that what the Prime Minister needs is a “political henchman”, someone who can both give him political advice and tell him when he’s wrong. One senior Whitehall source even suggested to Ben that Alastair Campbell would relish the opportunity to return to the fray. Meanwhile over at Three Line Whip, Andy Porter outlines the bold reshuffle that Gordon is probably too cautious to carry out but that is being whispered about:

Alistair Darling from the Treasury to the Foreign Office (Balls or Straw replacing him).

David Miliband from Foreign Office to Home Office.

Jacqui Smith from Home Office to Business Department (the old DTI). 

John Hutton from Business Department to Defence.The thing that I’ll be watching for from May 3rd, if the Tories do win London and Labour’s vote share is below 29 percent, is comment from John Reid. He’s taken a vow of silence since quitting frontline politics so any intervention from him will carry real weight.  

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