Rod Liddle

What the hell’s happened to Loloahi?

What the hell’s happened to Loloahi?
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So, where the hell is Loloahi Tapui, the Tongan maid hired illegally by our Attorney General? She seems to have gone to ground – perhaps she has found alternative employment with one of the Milibands, or is secreted away in one of Jacqui Smith s homes, maybe with her feet up watching a porno dvd. Either way, the immigration people can't find her in order to corroborate Baroness Scotland's account of her terms of employment – and yet Mrs Scotland hangs on to her job, even as ministerial aides around her resign in disgust at her continued employment, cabinet ministers whisper dark asides to the press and, for once, the entire opposition is united in believing her position to be untenable. The truth is that right now nobody is kicked out of a job in either of our two main political parties unless the party leader hates them, irrespective of their misdemeanours.

Meanwhile, one Guardian columnist seemed to imply that Baroness Scotlands achievement in becoming Baroness Scotland and Attorney General more than eclipse her technical breach of the rules. Uh-oh. I can feel a Mary Seacole moment coming on…………