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Where’s Jack?

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Has anyone heard from Jack Dromey? Last time a Labour funding crisis emerged, the party Treasurer was touring TV studios venting pious anger. Now, silence. There are plenty unanswered questions about all this.

If Brown and Benn didn’t take this money from Janet Kidd (the secretary in whose name the cash was being donated) then why did Harman take it? What did they know that she didn’t?

Isn’t it rather odd that, as Dromey’s wife, Harman was not better informed?

One question Brown was not asked in No10: did any of his staff know about this dodgy cash? He has a political unit (someone had to replace poor Ruth Turner) so did any of his people know about this money laundering episode but not tell him?

 I am informed by a normally reliable Labour source that this is very much out of character for Peter Watts who is regarded as one of the good guys . In which case what prompted this behaviour?

My Labour source concludes this is much more damaging for Brown than the lost discs, because this is not a government blunder but from the Labour Party itself, the bedrock of the operation. "Labour members will be bewildered, and asking what the hell is going on". But he thinks Brown will survive. “After all, it can hardly get any worse.” Can it?

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