Hugo Rifkind

Why is Nicola Sturgeon so cagey about Scotland’s EU future?

Why is Nicola Sturgeon so cagey about Scotland's EU future?
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It's important to keep an ear out for the rhetoric of Britain’s remaining Remain parties, because they are changing, too. Having announced plans for a second Scottish referendum entirely because of Brexit, Nicola Sturgeon is now incredibly cagey about whether her independent nation would even be part of the EU, or perhaps more like Norway.

The same is true of the Lib Dems. Last weekend, Tim Farron managed to give a whole speech to his party’s spring conference railing against only a ‘hard Brexit’ and thus never quite saying whether a Lib Dem government (humour me) would leave the EU or not. These people need to get off the fence. Mind you, so do I.

This is an extract from Hugo Rifkind's column in this week's Spectator