Peter Hoskin

Will anyone take any notice of Labour’s five pledges?

Will anyone take any notice of Labour's five pledges?
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So the Labour pledge card is back – and, this time, it's a good deal more nebulous than in 1997 or 2001, but quite similar to 2005.*  Here are the themes that Brown & Co. will be campaigning on:

i) Secure our recovery

ii) Raise family living standards

iii) Build a high tech economy

iv) Protect frontline services

v) Strengthen fairness in communities

There's another key difference with previous elections too: one of trust.  Sure, voters have always been reluctant to take politicians' promises and exhortations at face value.  But it's a safe bet that they're even more sceptical and uninterested this time around.

*Although, as Alastair Campbell points out, there is more detail on the back of the card – but a bit too much to be immediately memorable.  And, besides, will anyone bother turning it over?