James Forsyth

Will Labour go to war with The Sun?

Will Labour go to war with The Sun?
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Tony Woodley of the Unite union just received a huge cheer for coming to the podium and ripping up a copy of The Sun while laying into ‘Australian Americans’ who come to this country and try and tell us how to do politics here.

There’s no doubt that the feeling here in Brighton is that Labour should hit back at The Sun. Harriet Harman laid into the paper this morning and Peter Mandelson called The Sun ‘losers’ at a fringe event. (However, Labour is denying that its responsible for the Google ads that appeared today saying, "You can't trust The Sun. Wrong on Hillsborough, Wrong on Labour".) But the more Labour pick a fight with The Sun, the more hostile the paper is going to be to it. However angry Labour might be about the timing of The Sun’s move, it would be better off avoiding a slanging match with people who buy ink in industrial quantities.