David Blackburn

Will there be TV debates at the next election?

Will there be TV debates at the next election?
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One might have thought that the TV debates would become an immovable fixture in British general elections. But apparently not. Speaking at the launch of a new study of the 2010 election a couple of nights ago, Adam Boulton said that it was far from certain that they will feature at the next election. Will Straw tweeted the news at the time, but it seems to have slipped through the cracks as attention has been diverted elsewhere.

Apparently, broadcasters and the parties have reached an impasse at this early stage in the electoral cycle. The Conservatives are reluctant to recommit themselves to something that they believe contributed to their failure to win a majority. And Labour is said to be determined to change the format so that the debates are between them and the coalition; something that neither the Lib Dems nor the Tories will countenance.