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Young black males “over-feminized”

Young black males “over-feminized”
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I hate to say this, but there is a very good article in The G***d**n, which you can see online here. It’s by Dr Tony Sewell, a sociologist who runs charities for young black kids, and who is almost always a fount of plain speaking and common sense. He suggests that the educational under-achievement of black males is less a consequence of racism than because an astonishing proportion of them emanate from one parent families and all too rarely have a male role model at home. As a result they become “over-feminized”. Almost 60 per cent of black kids live in single parent households (almost always with mum, not dad), compared to 22 per cent for white kids.

I am not sure about the “over-feminized” line; it seems to be over-intellectualising the problem and implies some sort of blame should attach to the mums, which is stretching it a bit. But his central point is surely right; the boys, lacking a dad at home begin instead to identify with strong, charismatic badduns at school, and go off the rails - to put it crudely.

Sewell concludes with this statement: “…….meanwhile, the black family continues to disintegrate and no-one dares say a word.”

Ha, well I wonder why that might be. I’ve written about the educational under-achievement of young black males before, making pretty much the same argument as Dr Sewell, and been threatened with prosecution, bollocked by the PCC, subjected to a tirade of vituperation (largely from white libtards), demands for apologies. And it does not matter how mildly you might express yourself (not always a forte of mine, I admit) - merely to advance the argument is racist, per se.

It helps with the white libtards if a black person, such as Dr Sewell, is saying it, mind. Although my guess is that by recompense Sewell probably gets in the neck from within his own community. He got a bit of a kicking for having suggested last year that the deification of Mary Seacole might be a bit daft.

But that last line: “…no-one dares say a word.” That’ll be institutional anti-racism at work, Tony, the twin brother of racism and no less corrupting than racism, either.