Irwin Stelzer

Obama’s wrong. Americans should back Brexit – and so should you

12 March 2016 9:00 am

President Obama thinks it’s in all our interests for you to remain part of the EU. This is why he’s wrong

Do not resuscitate

20 November 2010 12:00 am

The euro is almost certainly dead. Brussels would be wise to accept that. It won’t

Picking losers

16 October 2010 12:00 am

By bashing bankers and building trains, the government is trying to remould the economy. It will never work

What Washington thought of Cameron: smooth, genial, evasive — and tough

31 July 2010 12:00 am

Irwin Stelzer reviews the week in politics

Requiem for a heavyweight

12 May 2010 12:00 am

Gordon Brown saw it as his duty to reconcile equity and efficiency in pursuit of a fairer Britain, says Irwin Stelzer. Attempting to achieve that goal is what brought him down


7 April 2010 12:00 am

Irwin Stelzer opens his diary

Who would lend to a bankrupt Britain?

9 December 2009 12:00 am

Alistair Darling’s budget forecasts assume that Britain can keep borrowing all it wants for the foreseeable future.We may not be so lucky, says Irwin Stelzer

Tips for the new US ambassador

30 September 2009 12:00 am

Obama’s man in London needs to stop bashing Bush, immerse himself in domestic political discourse, and get out and meet some true Brits, says Irwin Stelzer

This shotgun marriage of minds between Labour and the Tories won’t last

22 July 2009 12:00 am

Irwin Stelzer reviews the week in politics

No more consensus: this time there is a choice

24 June 2009 12:00 am

The next election will present voters with two distinct futures, says Irwin Stelzer: Labour’s rising taxes and love of the EU, or the Tories’ spending cuts and plans for the ‘broken society’

This is how you should use your reprieve, Gordon

10 June 2009 12:00 am

Irwin Stelzer says the PM should seize the opportunity presented by this stay of execution: plot a path to fiscal sanity, cut red tape and restore Britain’s stature on the world stage

Obama’s plan to turn America European

15 April 2009 12:00 am

Irwin Stelzer says that Obama’s budget shows that he wants to turn the United States into a European-style social democracy

Sarkozy’s dream of taming America is doomed

26 November 2008 12:00 am

The American model of lightly regulated capitalism may be in disrepute, says Irwin Stelzer. But the French President’s ambition is deluded

The Tory quest for a fiscal Holy Grail is doomed

5 November 2008 12:00 am

Brown’s golden rules have been exposed as a sham, says Irwin Stelzer, but the Tory response has been feeble. Their target should be the PM’s feathering of Old Labour nests

Brown must stop sounding like a sore winner

15 October 2008 12:00 am

The Prime Minister has triumphed for now with his grand rescue plan, says Irwin Stelzer. But that is no reason to blame the crisis on America. It may be a reason for an early election


8 October 2008 12:00 am

Irwin Stelzer reviews the week in politics


13 August 2008 12:00 am

Irwin Stelzer reviews the week in politics 

Obama and McCain offer a choice, not an echo

28 May 2008 12:00 am

This presidential race will be the first real Right v. Left contest in a long time, says Irwin Stelzer. On free trade, healthcare, tax and pariah regimes, the two men are worlds apart

Balls wants a 100 per cent tax on inherited brains

30 April 2008 12:00 am

Irwin Stelzer admires the Schools Secretary, and so regrets that his admissions policy prevents schools from taking account of a pupil’s prospects of success. Bad news all round

Go nuclear, but keep your hand on your wallet

12 March 2008 12:00 am

The government claims that the private sector will meet the costs of new nuclear plants, says Irwin Stelzer. But there is every risk that the public will end up footing the bill

The economic consequences of Mr Brown

16 January 2008 12:00 am

For all his claims to have singlehandedly engineered British growth, Gordon Brown is the architect of policies that undermine his desire for a better society, writes Irwin Stelzer

Guess what? Gordon has done something right

5 December 2007 12:00 am

He is spot on about anti-competitive practice in business

Brown has outsourced British foreign policy

21 November 2007 12:00 am

The special relationship is between Washington and Brussels

Listen to Adam Smith: inheritance tax is good

17 October 2007 3:44 pm

Inheritance tax is one levy that makes good economic sense

Brown and his critics must admit their errors

19 September 2007 3:37 pm

The PM should learn from his mistakes