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CLASSIFIED Education & Training

MA in the History of Western Architecture

16 April 2018

4:27 PM

16 April 2018

4:27 PM

Directed by Jeremy Musson

Starting in October 2018, this is a one-year, London-based programme of twelve evening seminars and an individual research project, offering an overview of the history of Western architecture from the late medieval to the 20th century, with lectures by a series of internationally acclaimed architectural historians.
Each seminar takes place in central London and is followed by a dinner during which participants can engage in a general discussion with the guest expert on the issues raised by the seminar. Others wishing to attend the seminars, but not intending to take the MA degree, may join the course as Associate Students at a reduced fee.

Speakers for 2018-19 will include:
John Goodall, Alan Powers, Simon Thurley, Timothy Brittain-Catlin, Rebecca Gill, Olivia Horsfall Turner and Christopher Wilson

The programme is led by the distinguished architectural historian, author and broadcaster, Jeremy Musson.

Examination for the MA is by a research dissertation on a subject of the student’s choice.

For further details and applications, Google ‘Buckingham History of Architecture’ or contact Humanities Research Admissions on:

+44 (0)1280 827514