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Master’s in MODERN WAR STUDIES & Military History 1945 to the Present

19 March 2019

11:15 AM

19 March 2019

11:15 AM

Starting October 2019

This one-year, London-based course examines major themes in warfare, military history and intelligence in modern times. Directed by Professor Lloyd Clark, the course enables participants to undertake original research, under expert guidance, on the topic of their choice. Evening seminars and post-seminar dinners form a central feature of the programme, with students able to engage in discussion with internationally distinguished lecturers.

Speakers for 2019-20 include:
Professor Sir Hew Strachan, Britain’s leading historian of war in the 20th century,
General Lord Richards, the former Chief of the Defence Staff, and General
Sir Rupert Smith, winner of the DSO twice, for his leadership in the Gulf War and Bosnia.

Those who wish to attend the seminars and dinners, but not to undertake a dissertation, may join the course as Associate Students, at a reduced fee.

Google: ‘Buckingham War Studies’

Course enquiries, email as below.