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Investors often seek professional guidance but whose investment advice can be trusted? Fisher Investments UK's insights aim to help investors with their financial and retirement goals.

Fisher Investments UK understands the needs and concerns of investors, and strives to help investors achieve their financial and retirement goals. With a global approach to investing and a straightforward fee structure, the global Fisher group of companies is designed to help investors reach their long-term goals.

Investment management services are provided by Fisher Investments UK’s parent company, USA-based Fisher Investments. Founded in 1979, Fisher Investments manages assets for institutional and private investors seeking guidance in navigating global capital markets. The firm’s investment strategies are guided by an experienced team with decades of financial industry experience. Fisher Investments’ research and portfolio management decisions are led by the five-member Investment Policy Committee. The Investment Policy Committee looks at markets globally, searching for investment opportunities in a variety of sectors. In addition, Fisher Investments’ in-house portfolio management staff includes research analysts and other financial professionals who support the Investment Policy Committee. Through this unique service, Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries have grown to manage billions of pounds worth of assets for thousands of clients globally.

Beyond providing investment guidance, Fisher Investments UK is committed to bettering the investment universe. To this end, the firm regularly releases market commentary to help investors better understand the context for current market trends and to provide transparency into the conflicts of interest or fee structures that lead to high costs for investors. Fisher Investments UK believes that all investors can find greater opportunity when decisions are driven by logic rather than emotion, and that better understanding of the historical influences of global markets can help them make better decisions.

Fisher Investments UK’s services begin with a review of a client’s current investments and a full evaluation of the client’s needs, financial goals, family and inheritance considerations and more. Fisher Investments UK believes that a personalised approach to money management is best—a client’s unique circumstances and goals can inform the best strategy to implement both leading up to and throughout retirement. As a client’s personal circumstances change, or as the market changes, investment portfolios may also need to change. Fisher Investments has the ability to adjust clients’ portfolios in accordance with its expectations for the markets or as needed for a client’s personal situation. Fisher Investments UK believes providing personalised client service and educational opportunities are an important foundation to providing impactful guidance.

In addition to providing market commentary, Fisher Investments provides a high level of personalised client service to all clients. Every client has a dedicated Investment Counsellor, who serves as a liaison between the Investment Policy Committee and the client. Investment Counsellors help clients with all aspects of their portfolio management—from proactive financial goal reviews to administrative account changes. They are also available for any immediate needs that may arise, whether that is a question about daily market movement or long-term changes to a client’s investment needs. Fisher Investments UK and its parent company, Fisher Investments, also offer in-person or virtual educational event opportunities to help keep clients informed. Events are free for clients, and may cover current events impacting markets, portfolio strategy information and more.

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