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19 October 2013

Carry on warming

The current scientific consensus is that climate change is doing more good than harm



Why climate change is good for the world

Don't panic! The scientific consensus is that warmer temperatures do more good than harm


I was Ralph Miliband's research assistant, and this is what he was like

He didn't hate Britain, but he did want it to be Communist


The latest anti-Semitic cry: ban circumcision

Foreskin-envying hippies and Eurocrats are waging war against an age-old tradition, under the guise of 'human rights'


Don't hug me! (Even though sometimes it's rather nice)

I blame the Prime Minister for the rise of the manly embrace


Tommy Robinson: Double standards, not fear of diversity, provoked the EDL

The ex-leader of the English Defence League on politicians, police, the press — and beheading threats


Notes on … Skiing in Switzerland

There’s a myth in the Spectator office, which I’ve never discouraged, that I’m Yorkshire’s answer to Franz Klammer — a…

The Week

Leading article

Global race? Lack of air routes means we're already on the slow boat to China

Trade missions are useless, Osborne - just let businessmen get on with their job

Portrait of the week

The week: Property price record; Lampedusa drownings; 'basically' banned

Home Shares in Royal Mail, floated on the stock market at 330p, began trading at 475p. SSE, the energy supplier,…


Tristram Hunt's diary: Why has Gove allowed a school that makes women wear the hijab?

I will sort out the failures in education policy — as soon as I stop staring at Cameron's red face


Should 'Union Jack' just be used at sea?

Flagging interest; green fees; what you own of the nation

Ancient and modern

Gaddafi and the greatest sex tyrants in classical history

A new book about Colonel Gaddafi goes into shocking detail about his monstrous sexual appetites. He used rape as a…



A fat lot of good Sir: Max Pemberton is right that obesity is a terrible problem in western society (‘The…



What must Cameron give to Clegg for the Lib Dems to stay loyal?

Education and tax policy may be on the table — along with state funding of political parties

Rod Liddle

Rod Liddle: If we don't stigmatise fat people, there'll be lots more of them

The last thing our gargantuan, slobbering masses need is for self-serving charities to indulge them

Matthew Parris

Matthew Parris: Atheists deserve better opposition

Piers Paul Read did not make a good case for miracles. Let me do it for him

The Spectator's Notes

Charles Moore: I'm on Twitter! But what do I say?

Plus: The Daily Mail's journalistic code of honour vs Leveson's

Any other business

Martin Vander Weyer: Cut it out, America. This is not Hollywood

Stop concocting debt-ceiling crises to imitate the cliffhangers of screen fantasy


Lead book review

How to avoid bankers in your nativity scene

Evil figures may lurk in your arty Christmas cards, as Alexander Lee's The Ugly Renaissance shows


A badger eats, squats, thieves. But should we cull them?

Patrick Barkham tries badger stir-fry and weighs the culling debate in Badgerlands


How to get old without getting boring

Reading keeps you young, suggests Penelope Lively in Ammonites & Leaping Fish


The Rothschilds, the Spenders, the Queen...

Just how many names does David Plante drop in his diary, Becoming a Londoner?


After the war — apocalypse

Ian Buruma's Year Zero remembers the generation that rose from the ashes of world war two


Helen Fielding has lost her touch

Bridget Jones in Mad About the Boy is unrecognisable — and why is she weighing herself in pounds, not stones?


When 'drop-dead gorgeous' women actually dropped dead

Marc Allum's The Antiques Magpie looks at French forks, poison dresses and Lord Ashcroft's VC hoard


The Labour education secretary who could have been Britain's first woman PM

Shirley Williams had the best of intentions for schools, according to Mark Peel's admiring biography


What makes someone the fastest man on earth?

Usain Bolt has one critical physical advantage, says the pacy memoir Fast as Lightning

Graham Nash in London, 1970


Wild Tales: The book to make any Spectator reader weep

Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills & Nash rose to fame on sheer hard work — only to become a hippie



Ben Schott's Schottenfreude looks at German's Lego-like capacity. What's the longest word you can build?

Jonathan Mirsky and his whippet, Iris, with the Dalai Lama


Is your dog enjoying more than physical exercise when you walk him?

Brian Sewell, who has owned 17 canines, tells of his strange habits in Sleeping with Dogs


What happens when journalists take sides

There's a long tradition of media turncoats, shows Stewart Purvis and Jeff Hulbert in When Reporters Cross the Line

An Endangered Species, by David Gower - review


Gower vs Boycott

The unflappable David Gower reveals he once jumped on fellow batsman Geoffrey Boycott's hat in An Endangered Species


‘From Here to Eternity’: Darius Campbell, Rebecca Thornhill, Siubhan Harrison and Robert Lonsdale

Arts feature

Tim Rice: How to get ahead in musicals

My accident-prone journey from Evita to From Here to Eternity


Come over here, Tom Stoppard

Radio 4's controller Gwyneth Williams has big plans for arts coverage, and is jealous of Radio 2

‘Crouching Nude’, 1956, by Emilio Greco


Andrew Lambirth: Emilio Greco's early work is undeniably his best

Plus: Comparing Rembrandt and Auerbach brings rich rewards

Fight to the death: Onegin (Mariusz Kwiecien) and Lenski (Piotr Beczala)


Michael Tanner: With seven scenes, Eugene Onegin really doesn't need any more pauses

The Met made Tchaikovsky's famous Letter Scene too long, and Tatiana looked like she would fall asleep

Bullied by a swaggering Conservative: Sam (Simon Lennon)


Did gay Conservatives have it easier in the past? Tory Boyz makes me think they did

One thing Ted Heath never had to confront was unbelievably bigoted, bullying colleagues

One of the greatest actors alive: Tom Hanks as Captain Phillips


Tom Hanks is the greatest actor alive

If the actor doesn't win an Oscar for Captain Phillips, I'll eat your hat


James Delingpole: The Wrong Mans leaves me gasping with exhilaration and glee

The comedy thriller is like watching Bond smash his car into a David Brent strategy meeting — but it works


Last week's all-female Today proved women make for a more uplifting show

New presenter Mishal Husain tackled Theresa May with soft determination

Culture notes

Dreaming in the Renaissance

The exhibition The Renaissance and Dream at the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris (until 26 January 2014) explores how artists…


High life

Taki: Watch James Toback’s film starring Alex Baldwin and me

We've had fantastic reviews, but don't blink or you'll miss yours truly

Long life

Alexander Chancellor: Why aren't Italians angrier about Nazi atrocities?

Italians may have suffered from so many sources during the war, they don't hold Germans responsible

Wild life

Aidan Hartley: How Muslim militants and Western jihadis wrecked enchanting Somalia

The beautiful port of Barawe became a base for the vicious foreign fighters known as the 'muhajireen'



The season got off to a very bad start for my team — and continues in much the same vein.…



Andrew Paulson, an American who lives in London, has been responsible for a remarkable chess revolution over the past year.…

Chess puzzle

No. 288

White to play. This position is from Goganov-Motylev, Russian Championship, Novgorod 2013. Black has just captured on d5 with his…


Buttoned up or open neck?

In Competition 2819 you were invited to write a poem either in free verse mocking rhymed, metrical verse or in…


2135: Strange

The unclued lights are of a kind.   Across   1    Remains close to the co-founder of the Townswomen’s…

Crossword solution

2132: Ricochet

The unclued lights, when paired 12/20, 16/33, 25/29, 31/6, 42/2, are RICOCHET or reduplicated words.  First prize Mrs Rhiannon Hales,…

Status anxiety

Toby Young: Am I in denial about turning 50?

I could be dealing with my decay and depression by focussing on my children

Spectator sport

Adnan Januzaj should not pull on the Three Lions

Playing for England depends on who you are, where you learned your sport — and how you sound

Dear Mary

Dear Mary: What do I do when the pizzas arrive at the opening of my art show?

Dealing with lost thank-you letters and Quattro Stagione deliveries


Gordon Ramsay's violently unsexy new restaurant shows he's near the end

Union Street Cafe isn't a bit like Manhattan — it's more like Penge

Mind your language

Word of the Week: Does it matter who uses the N-word?

Context can be important — as is the case for the C-word