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The Spectator

19 September 2015

Why I left

I cannot be part of a movement run by half-educated fanatics

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The Week

Leading article

The Tories must move quickly to recruit ex-Labour voters. Here's how

The Conservatives have a stunning array of social achievements. They need to talk about them more

Portrait of the week

Portrait of the week

Jeremy Corbyn chooses his shadow cabinet


Chris Mullin’s diary: Murdoch’s men couldn’t face even a fictional Corbyn victory

Plus: the pact that could save Labour; Vince Cable’s economic confession; and a sincere Tory for Corbyn


How many party leaders get nearly 60% in their membership vote? More than you’d think

Plus: How our railway is racing ahead; pylons to be proud of; Met Office summer predictions

Ancient and modern

The relative experience of Roman consuls and Corbyn

The new Labour leader’s political life has just been one long protest

From The Archives

Time to tax

From ‘The coming budget’, The Spectator, 18 September 1915: At present the large majority of householders and electors pay no direct…