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19 September 2015

Why I left

I cannot be part of a movement run by half-educated fanatics

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Why I’ve finally given up on the left

Left-wing thought has shifted towards movements it would once have denounced as racist, imperialist and fascistic. It is insupportable


Celebrating the red dawn among the Corbynistas of north London

There wasn’t much time for the hopey-changey stuff while there was a chance to be vile about the Tories


‘Perhaps we needed to tip the whole thing over’: Jon Cruddas on Jeremy Corbyn's Labour

Ed Miliband’s policy chief talks about why Labour lost and the decline of the Blairites


Paula Radcliffe is a victim of our hypocrisy and confusion about drugs and sport

The London marathon winner’s clash with Tory MP Jesse Norman is symptomatic of a debate that both shames and risks the health of athletes


Ben Carson has an amazing story. How about policies?

The neurosurgeon who is suddenly Donald Trump’s closest rival is relaxed, impressive – and not to be pinned down on detail


Meet the librarians – and book borrowers – of the Calais Jungle

In the middle of the Calais migrant camp, there is a book-filled haven of peace


Why I’m sick of slippery-slope arguments

Real, life-changing medical advances are being blocked for fear of ‘designer babies’; humane laws are stymied because of things they do not propose

La Baule: the view from the beach

Notes on...

Having a ball in La Baule

This seaside town in Brittany was the perfect location for a stag weekend – even if the locals were a bit sniffy at times