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19 September 2015

Why I left

I cannot be part of a movement run by half-educated fanatics

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The turf

It's scary what it takes to be (and stay) a jockey

An outstanding crop of apprentices are squeezing out more established jockeys

Spectator Wine, Wine Club Offers

September Wine Club II

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, the Rugby World Cup kicks off this Friday with England vs Fiji at HQ.…


2229: Gnome

The third letters of extra words in two dozen clues spell out a 35 (in ODQ 7&8), associated with the…

Crossword solution

To 2226: Whitehouse

X was Ingrid Bergman, winner of a TERN (21) of OSCARs (8), who was born on 29th August 1915 and…

High life

Was Maria a virgin, a prude or a woman who liked to torture?

I was so traumatised, aged 16, by unrequited love that I stopped playing tennis and going to brothels

Low life

Modafinil, ladies and gentlemen. Recommended.

And Modafinil with Taki sitting in front: even better

Real life

Have my bones fallen to bits like the Oxford professor said they would?

I’m encasing myself in extra strong bubble wrap just in case

Long life

Sexism and racism in outer space

Attempts to reflect equality and diversity in our messages to extraterrestrials is a waste of time



The cheating scandal rages on. The latest to be accused is the world’s number one-ranked pair, Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio…


Grand Tour

This week I conclude my coverage of the St Louis leg of the million dollar Grand Tour.  Carlsen-So: Sinquefield Cup,…

Chess puzzle

Puzzle no. 379

Black to play. This position is a variation from So-Nakamura, St Louis 2015. How can Black conclude the attack with…


Arty limericks

In Competition No. 2915 you were invited to submit limericks featuring a well-known artist and a destination of your choice.…

Status anxiety

My obsession with litter is bordering on mental illness

My fury at the sight of rubbish is now so great that I’ve started picking it up wherever I happen to go

Spectator sport

Another Federer-Djokovic classic – let's pray it wasn't the last

Plus: Smaller teams to watch out for at the Rugby World Cup

Dear Mary

Dear Mary: How do I address a magistrate of indeterminate sex?

And how can I bring a little joy to a memorial service?


Finally, a foodie restaurant that isn’t pretentious, overpriced or insulting to the intelligence

Portland doesn’t offer its diners a ‘philosophy’, despite its spindly Swedish decor – but the food is glorious

Mind your language

A lesson in graceful Twitter style – from a resigning shadow minister

Jamie Reed demonstrates the blithe insouciance useful in the face of trolls