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19 September 2015

Why I left

I cannot be part of a movement run by half-educated fanatics

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Jeremy Corbyn’s victory puts the EU referendum on a knife edge

Political futures hang on the question – not least that of Boris Johnson

The Spectator's Notes

Charles Moore’s Notes: what the Labour party needs is a parliamentary representation committee

Plus: the origins of Corbynite leftism; a study of manhole covers; Malcolm Turnbull; and Sir Walter Scott

Rod Liddle

How could the BBC allow Last Night of the Proms to be hijacked by worthy banalities?

Is nothing sacred? They sacked Clarkson, and now they won’t even let us enjoy ‘Land of Hope and Glory’

Matthew Parris

Some day soon we’ll all accept that useless lives should be ended

If the law does not lead, it will follow — at root the reason is Darwinian

Hugo Rifkind

The problem with Jeremy Corbyn’s populist media-loathing

To regard the fourth estate as a coherent and malicious political entity is conspiratorial madness

Any other business

Don’t weep for Costa – but the Living Wage punishes small businesses that need our support

Plus: uneasy feelings about an oil price war; and ten years of ‘Any Other Business’