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The Spectator

27 September 2014

The Cameron way

The PM signals left while turning right. But now it’s time for clarity

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Cameron must reunite the Tories or lose the next election

Some Conservatives pine for a leader who can bring the family back together -- and look wistfully towards Boris

James Delingpole

The greatest joy of playing Grand Theft Auto V? It lets you give the finger to the PC brigade

It’s condemned for its outrageous sexism, racism, misogyny and violence. But it’s damn good fun

Rod Liddle

If we won’t talk to John Cantlie’s captors, then why not have Qataris to do it for us?

We may pretend we don’t negotiate, but in private we natter away like there’s no tomorrow

Mary Wakefield

Is forgiveness a weapon in the war on terror?

A former Liberian warlord persuaded me that it is possible to rehumanise monstrous men