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Bridge | 4 November 2023

If I could play only one international tournament a year it would have to be the World Bridge Tour’s teams event held in mid-October in wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen. Organised impeccably by Thomas Charlsen and Boye Brogeland, two of Norway’s finest players, this was the second time we have played in the city – and it


A young contender

Bodhana Sivanandan won the gold medal in the World Girls U8 Championship in Sharm El Sheikh earlier this month, making her the first English world youth champion since 1998, when Nicholas Pert won the U18 event and Ruth Sheldon won the Girls U18. I witnessed Sivanandan’s enormous talent when we played a casual game of speed chess at ChessFest

Chess puzzle

Puzzle no. 776

White to play and mate in two moves. Composed by Lionel Penrose, Chess Life 1956. Email answers to chess@spectator.co.uk by Monday 6 November. There is a prize of £20 for the first correct answer out of a hat. Please include a postal address and allow six weeks for prize delivery. Last week’s solution 1…Ba5! threatens



2629: Urban renewal

Unclued lights, including one of two words, are anagrams of words of a kind. Solvers must highlight two pairs of clued answers which are anagrams of two further examples.         Across    1    Recited end of epic with ghosts (8)    8    Special forces protecting large trees (4) 11    Oddly, Ivor ain’t a Welshman (4)

Crossword solution

2626: Eternal youth – solution

RICHMAL (13) CROMPTON (22) wrote about the always-11-years-old WILLIAM (27) BROWN (33). His group, THE OUTLAWS (38) consisted of HENRY (1A), GINGER (11), DOUGLAS (12) and JUMBLE the dog (21) First prize Janis Bain, Bunessan, Isle of Mull Runners-up Norman Melvin, Twickenham; Richard Stone, Barton under Needwood, Staffs