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Bridge | 12 August 2023

All bridge players who fancy their chances on the international circuit have been deprived of major events since lockdown, until this year. And now, frankly, we’re being inundated: Iceland in late January, the Lederer in February, Camrose in March, the World Bridge Tour in Sopot mid-May, the Open European Championships in Strasbourg in June, the


Funding matters

Three cheers for last week’s news leak, indicating government plans to support English chess. According to Dominic Lawson, the president of the English Chess Federation (ECF) and The Spectator’s former editor, his conversation with Rishi Sunak, setting out the significant role played by chess players in the wartime codebreaking effort at Bletchley Park, proved particularly

Chess puzzle

No. 764

White to play and mate in two. Composed by Sam Loyd, Lynn News, 1859. Answers should be emailed to chess@spectator.co.uk by Monday 14 August. There is a prize of £20 for the first correct answer out of a hat. Please include a postal address and allow six weeks for prize delivery. Last week’s solution 1


Spectator competition winners: songs for a parliamentary songbook

In Competition No. 3311, you were invited to submit a song suitable for inclusion in a parliamentary songbook. In an entry in which most scored pleasingly high on singability, W.S. Gilbert rubbed shoulders with Simon & Garfunkel and the Kinks. An honourable mention to Emily Matthews, but leading the winners below, who take £30 each,


2617: Enzed scorers

The 12 thematic unclued lights form the second half of an alphabetical list, one solution finally and another first and last. Across  4    Kitty stewed apricots as single snack (6,5) 11    Saw English animals (7) 13    Around Tyneside Freddie New established new credentials (9) 21    Forty winks before beginning to exercise back of neck (4)

Crossword solution

2614: Monkey Business – solution

The key word is GIBBON (highlighted). 1A, 1D and 28D are types of gibbon; 16D is by 18A 29A Gibbon; 32D Gibbon wrote The History of the 13A 38A of the Roman Empire. First prize Anne Clements, Bromley, Kent Runners-up Janet Baines, Winchester, Hants; L. Malone, Dumfries