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Bridge | 10 October 2019

After all the excitement of England making the playoffs in all four events at the World Championships in China, only the Seniors reached the final. They played against Denmark and lost but came home silver medallists. Congratulations to David Kenrick and Trevor Ward, John Holland and Alan Mould and David Muller and Malcolm Pryor. Well


Plates in the sink

‘Chess is a constant struggle between my desire not to lose and my desire not to think.’ I’m fond of that wry insight, neatly expressed by German grandmaster Jan Gustafsson. For a select few, such as the late, irrepressible Viktor Korchnoi, the desire not to lose burns through life like the Olympic flame. For the


Watch the birdie

In Competition No. 3119 you were invited to submit a poem about yellowhammers. This sparrow-sized songbird has inspired poetry from John Clare’s lovely ‘The Yellowhammer’s Nest’ to Robert Burns’s unlovely ‘The Yellow, Yellow Yorlin’ (‘But I took her by the waist, an’ laid her down in haste/, For a’ her squakin’ an’ squalin…’) You took


2429: Homo

7A can be linked to nine unclued lights (three of two words, one of which repeats 7A) – in five cases as a prefix, in four cases as a suffix.   Across 7 Fifth of November and no old penny for the guy (3) 11 Engineer’s ancient letter stored by British Library (6) 13 Directions

Crossword solution

to 2426: Her love

The unclued lights relate to SUPERMAN (6D), his alter ego CLARK KENT (26A), nickname (the) MAN OF STEEL (8), planet KRYPTON (27), city METROPOLIS (18), employer (the) DAILY PLANET (35/16) and arch-enemy LEX LUTHOR (22). The title, as well as giving wordplay for HERO, suggests LOIS LANE, who appears hidden in row 4.   First


no. 575

White to play. The final game of the match between Radjabov and Ding. White’s safer king confers a huge advantage, but Radjabov finished with a flourish. What did he play? Difficulty: easy. Answers to me at The Spectator by Tuesday 15 September or via email to victoria@spectator.co.uk. There is a prize of £20 for the