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Bridge | 16 March 2017

Tournament bridge players do not expect, or get, much in the way of luxury. I have played in some of the scuzziest venues imaginable (don’t get me started on Tromso’s Portaloos or Menton’s suffocating heat), so it is a rare treat that sponsor Simon Gillis’s Lederer Memorial Trophy is held at the super elegant RAC


Oxford v Cambridge

The 135th Varsity Match hosted by London’s Royal Automobile Club last Saturday resulted in a narrow win for Oxford, who have reduced their overall deficit. The score is now 59 wins to Cambridge, 54 to Oxford. The brilliancy prize, judged by grandmasters Jon Speelman and Luke McShane and named in honour of Bob Wade OBE,


Gettysburg revisited

In Competition No. 2989 you were invited to submit a version of the Gettysburg Address as it might have been given by a prominent figure on the world stage. As space is tight, I pause only to commend Frank Upton and Paul Carpenter before handing you over to Messrs Blair, Trump and Wilson, with Charles


2301: Age of extremes

Eight unclued lights are of a kind; the remaining two complete four words from a quote, which is appropriately positioned and must be highlighted.   Across 12    Old noble returning 50 eggs (4) 13    See adult in Moroni, perhaps, as this? (8) 14    Confusion restrained in mediocre way to play (9) 15    Latin on air

Crossword solution

to 2298: NOИ

The unclued lights are titles of Russian novels minus their ‘and’ (И in Russian): 17 CRIME and 9 PUNISHMENT (Dostoevsky), 40 WAR and 34 PEACE (Tolstoy), 22 FATHERS and 8 SONS (Turgenev), and 10 THE MASTER and 11 MARGARITA (Bulgakov).   First prize Mrs G. Hancock, Thornbury, Bristol Runners-up Philip Dacre, York; Tom Richards, Wolfscastle,


no. 448

White to play. This is from Horton–Murphy, Varsity Match 2017. Can you spot White’s winning coup? Answers to me at The Spectator by Tuesday 21 March or via email to victoria@spectator.co.uk. There is a prize of £20 for the first correct answer out of a hat. Please include a postal address and allow six weeks