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Bridge | 21 November 2019

Well, it has taken 12 years, two relegations, one second place and endless ‘nowheres’ playing the Premier League and we have finally won. After three weekends, a triple round robin and 336 boards, the result was decided on the last board, when my partner Artur Mali was put to the test in a delicate 3NT


A fresh approach

Reimagine democracy. Reimagine capitalism. Reimagine education. For all the reimagining thrown at big ideas, they don’t seem much perturbed. You can reimagine a problem too, but it probably won’t be fruitful. It won’t help you find the end of the Sellotape, or balance the books (unless you worked for Enron).   But some problems really


First or last

In Competition No. 3125 you were invited to compose a comically appalling first or final paragraph of the memoir of a well-known figure, living or dead.   This was one of those challenges that raises a glass in memory of Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Victorian novelist and patron saint of purple prose. The oft-cited example of his


2435: A little puzzle

Unclued lights, two of two words, are of a kind, verifiable in Brewer. Elsewhere, ignore two accents.   Across 12    Second horn and nail defective, and with one fewer hole in the head (10) 13    Champion forgetting wife’s secret (5) 14    Online mention special interest — all these replies! (7) 15    Still on the phone

Crossword solution

to 2432: Getting dry

The DODO (30) organised the CAUCUS RACE (12) to get dry. Participants included ALICE (2), EAGLET (7), DUCK (17), MOUSE (31) and LORY (42). EVERYBODY (33) won, and the prizes were COMFITS (10) and a THIMBLE (39).   First prize  John Fahy, Thaxted, Essex Runners-up  A.M. Dymond, Herne Hill, London SE24; John Light, Addlestone, Surrey


no. 581

Bagi–Zvjaginsev, Montenegro 2019. Black to play. 61… Ke6 looks obvious, but Zvjaginsev preferred 61… Rg6! and White resigned instead of playing 62 d7. What had both players foreseen? Answers to ‘Chess’ at The Spectator by Tuesday 26 November or via email to victoria@spectator.co.uk. There is a prize of £20 for the first correct answer out of