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Bridge | 22 September 2016

I’ve been in a bridge bubble in Wroclaw for the past two weeks, playing in the World Bridge Games. I competed in the Mixed Teams then the Mixed Pairs, playing against nations from across the world, each wearing their own distinctive shirts (Japan’s pink and blue gets my vote for the most stylish). I wish


Olympiad | 22 September 2016

The 42nd Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan, ended in a narrow victory for the USA. Having tied with Ukraine, the American team qualified for the gold medals by virtue of a superior tie-break. The critical factor in the American success, their first gold medals in the Olympiad since 1976, was the acquisition for the team


Right-on rhymes

In Competition No. 2966 you were invited to filter popular nursery rhymes through the prism of political correctness. Some years ago, CBeebies came under fire when it took all the fun out of ‘Humpty Dumpty’ by changing the words to give it a happy ending. And it wasn’t just Humpty;-Little Miss Muffet and the spider


2279: Where it’s at II

Four pairs of unclued lights suggest the constituent parts of a name (two words). Elsewhere, ignore three accents.   Across 1    Chapel always including prayer unknown (8) 9    Zoological region’s evolved arcane goat (10) 14    Fate of Abram’s companion (3) 16    Brother, say, and mother’s skull part (6) 17    Train carrying Academician into college (5)

Crossword solution

to 2276: Iron Man

Clues with misprints were 16, 22, 24 and 34 Across and 2, 3, 6, 26, 31 and 36 Down. Corrections spelt WELLINGTON. Unclued lights were: Oceanian capitals (1A and 8A); Wellington’s battles (18A and 13D); beef dishes (7D and 19D) and types of boot (37A and 38A).   First prize Mrs L. Ashley, Shoreham-by-Sea, West


No. 427

White to play. This position is from Heredia-Videnova; Women’s Olympiad, Baku 2016. Can you spot the White continuation that enabled her to emerge with a decisive material advantage? Answers to me at The Spectator by Tuesday 27 September or via email to victoria@spectator.co.uk. There is a prize of £20 for the first -correct answer out