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Bridge | 22 November 2012

Since the beginning of September I don’t think there has been a single weekend when my team was not away playing in one or another tournament, so when I received an email asking everyone from the first division of the Premier League if they would like to play the Champions Cup in Israel I decided


Armenian gold

Armenia won the gold medals in the Istanbul Chess Olympiad for the third time in four years — an astonishing feat for a small nation. Part of the secret of their success is the fact that chess is now taught as a curriculum subject in Armenian schools; the Armenian hero Tigran Petrosian created a chess


Rhyme time

In Competition No. 2773 you were invited to submit a poem entitled ‘On First Looking into a Rhyming Dictionary’. That class act Stanley J. Sharpless’s twist on Keats’ famous sonnet (which I found in E.O. Parrott’s How To Be Well-Versed in Poetry) was the inspiration for this assignment. Mr Sharpless begins: ‘How often have I


2090: Precipitate

In September sadly we lost 15 (two words) and 12/19. The former produced the 29 of the 4-winning ‘1A/18/39’ (six words in all) while the latter made a successful 33 of the same name. Ignore an apostrophe.   Across 9 Woman hates me bareheaded? (4) 11 Sow in-house pig-men finally devoured (10) 14 Love goddess

Crossword solution

2087: Golden I

HIEROSOLYMITAN (1D) means ‘of or relating to Jerusalem’. 15, 18, 27, 35A, 38, 5 and 12 may all be preceded by the word ‘Jerusalem’. Title: cf. ‘Jerusalem the golden’ (hymn) First prize Catherine Stekly, Fowlmere, Royston, Herts Runners-up Alexia Dobbs, London SW1; Ben Stephenson, London SW12


No. 245

Black to play. This is from Kalantar-Petrosian, Erevan 1946. Black has various powerful moves in this position but one is completely terminal. Can you see it? Answers to me at The Spectator by Tuesday 27 November or via email to victoria@spectator.co.uk or by fax on 020 7681 3773. The winner will be the first correct