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Bridge | 23 November 2017

When I first started playing tournament bridge there were relatively few European sponsors. The US was buzzing with sponsored teams — many of whom were selected to represent their country and a few of whom became world champions. There is no greater education for the ‘inexpert’ than discussing the boards with great professionals and letting


Alekhine’s heir

Garry Kasparov was without a doubt Alekhine’s creative heir. The 1985-2000 world champion said himself that he became entranced at an early age by Alekhine’s dynamic style, and that he was particularly impressed by Alekhine’s sudden attacks which came like lightning from a clear sky. This week some further examples of Alekhine’s genius, and a


Let us pray

In Competition No. 3025 you were invited to submit a Lord’s Prayer for the 21st century.   One of my favourites, among the many parodies of the Lord’s Prayer already out there, is Ian Dury’s ‘Bus Driver’s Prayer’: ‘Our father,/ who art in Hendon/ Harrow Road be Thy name./ Thy Kingston come; thy Wimbledon…’.  


2337: Millefeuille

Unclued lights are connected to a theme word (which does not appear), three in each of three different senses. Two clued lights form an anagram of a name associated with the theme and should be highlighted.   Across 8    Gulls escape through a hedge (4) 12    Manager almost cut American scientist (10) 13    Remove stain

Crossword solution

to 2334: sweet variations

Four types of CAKE (37) were given UPSIDE-DOWN (5): 10D, 20D, 31D and 33D. Four other types of cake were TIPSY (14), i.e. anagrams: 26A (éclair); 40A (Madeira); 7D (Sachertorte); 30D (Dundee).   First prize Wendy Atkin, Sleaford, Lincolnshire Runners-up Rafe Magrath, London SW13; Neil Mendoza, London W11


no. 484

White to play. This is from Alekhine-Feldt, Blindfold Simultaneous, Tarnopol 1916. White has sacrificed a knight. Can you spot his brilliant finish? Answers to me at The Spectator by Tuesday 28 November or via email to victoria@spectator.co.uk. There is a prize of £20 for the first correct answer out of a hat. Please include a postal