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Portrait of the Week – 29 March 2003

That we will encounter more difficulties and anxious moments in the days ahead is certain,’ Mr Tony Blair, the Prime Minister, said in the Commons after four days of war against Iraq, ‘but no less certain, indeed more so, is coalition victory.’ On the seventh day of the war he flew, with Mr Jack Straw,


Diary – 29 March 2003

Breakfast with Frost (the actual breakfast, not the programme which precedes it) is usually a rather jolly affair. Uniquely in today’s cost-conscious BBC – where, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a plastic cup of some thin brown liquid called ‘coffee’ and a dusty artefact described as a ‘bun’ – Sir David’s star status entitles him,

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One of the enduring images of the second Gulf war will be the sight of Hollywood’s finest blubbing their way through their acceptance speeches at the Oscars. ‘My hormones are way too out of control to even be dealing with this,’ sobbed Catherine Zeta-Jones. ‘Why do you come to the Academy awards when the world