The Spectator

25 May 2019

Corbyn isn’t working

Labour is being picked apart by its new enemies


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If you’re going to leave Notre Dame in ruins, why not set fire to Oxford University?

Almost everyone agrees it is a pity that so few pupils from ‘disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds’ get into Oxford. But no…


The grave mistake that has killed Theresa May’s Brexit deal

The European elections were a gift for Britain’s two new political parties, Change UK and the Brexit party. But only…

Rod Liddle

On milkshakes

Should we make it illegal to study the social sciences? Imagine the amount of tendentious rubbish we could erase from…

Matthew Parris

Only Boris can bury Brexit

Sit down, my swivel-eyed Brexiter friend, and pour yourself a stiff whisky. I’ve something to tell you that’s going to…

Lionel Shriver

Adversity is the new diversity – and it disadvantages everyone

Like all attempts to take a shortcut to social justice, this advantaging of one group will disadvantage others

Any other business

Why the British Steel crisis is not about Brexit

There’s a strong sense of déjà vu in this week’s steel crisis. The whole Brexit saga seems to have been…