The Spectator

16 December 2017

Right side of history

For a century, theorists have argued that the nation state is obsolete. Brexit suggests otherwise


The Spectator's Notes

Are we morally better people than our ancestors?

Also: my childhood horror of Christmas in a hot place and revisiting T.H. White’s The Sword in the Stone


The age of volatility

Every year in British politics seems to be more surprising than the last. Few predicted in 2015 that the Conservatives…

Rod Liddle

And now for Graham Norton’s next guest... Adolf Hitler!

An exclusive preview after that forensic Hillary Clinton interview

Mary Wakefield

How can any intelligent person have faith?

Trying to believe when the facts stand in the way

Matthew Parris

Leave Brexit alone and get on with governing

This damned European thing is notable not just for the level of noise but for its flimsiness

Lionel Shriver

A purity test for artists is the end of art

Perfect people with perfect pasts and perfect opinions don’t exist. Let’s not pretend they do

Lara Prendergast

Poking fun at the royals is good for the monarchy

The British want royals who can cope with being figures of fun as well as adoration

Any other business

Instead of schmoozing at City parties, this year I’m Sarah the Cook in panto

Also in Any Other Business: who departed the business world and my favourite letters