The Spectator

23 March 2019

Will it never end?

The Tories’ current humiliation could be as cataclysmic as Labour’s in 1976


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Britain’s fate now lies in the hands of Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel says disdainfully, ‘I admit I was not on top of the British parliament’s 17th-century procedural rules.’ Her implication…

Rod Liddle

On the subject of John Bercow

You can buy the latest edition of Thomas Erskine May’s Parliamentary Practice for just over three hundred quid, but I…

James Delingpole

In defence of snake oil

A few months ago I had possibly the best massage I’ve ever had. My masseuse, Anouschka, had learned her skills…

Mary Wakefield

Which 21st century noise annoys you the most?

I live with a ghost, or rather, I share an address with a man who’s been dead for many years.…

Any other business

Merging two unhappy companies is a recipe for disaster

It never works to take two unhappy companies and blend them into a bigger pile of misery. That’s the way…