The Spectator

24 November 2018

May’s toxic legacy

The PM will leave the Tory party more divided over Europe than ever


The Spectator's Notes

Will the Daily Mail’s volte-face on Brexit make the slightest difference?

It will be interesting to see whether the about-face of the Daily Mail on Brexit makes the slightest difference to…

Rod Liddle

The only thing you’re allowed to hate is hate itself

If we are to ban states of mind, my vote would be for self-righteousness first, followed by sententiousness, with maybe…

Matthew Parris

What does it mean to be ‘moved’ by something?

A piano player moved me beyond my tense, everyday life

Lionel Shriver

Jazz is dominated by men. So what?

I’d recommend any aspiring writer to marry a jazz drummer. It’s done wonders for my powers of concentration. If I…

Any other business

Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn was a tall nail. But was he really a bent one?

The arrest of Carlos Ghosn and the move to oust him as chairman of Nissan in Japan has stunned the…