The Spectator

16 March 2019

It’s not over yet

Extending Brexit could revive May’s deal



Meltdown: three years on and we are no closer to a Brexit resolution

No one is in control and the country’s whole system of governance is creaking


How likely is an imminent general election?

The jury’s out, but many MPs think it's time for another vote


The way to change anti-vaccine campaigners’ minds

They may be dangerous, but anti-vaxxers still just want to protect their children

Confrontation between a soldier and an IRA suspect, 30 January 1972


The case for prosecuting Bloody Sunday ‘Soldier F’

The soldiers of 1 Para weren’t just unapologetic killers, but unrelenting liars


Never Mind The Bollocks: a punk’s view of Brexit

And on being back on the road with a new band


Who could have predicted tarot cards would be back in vogue?

It seems like every person I meet is now a tarot reader or astrologer


What happened when an innocent Christian preacher was accused of Islamophobia?

Why was Oluwole Ilesanmi carted off the streets of London in handcuffs?

The ruins of Carbury Castle, Co. Kildare

Notes on...

The unique, bittersweet beauty of Irish ruins

The Celtic Tiger has come and gone. Over the past 30 years, billions of pounds poured into Irish houses and…

Economic Disruptor Award, In association with Julius Baer

Creativity at the cutting edge of science

The Spectator’s Economic Disruptor of the Year Awards 2019, sponsored by Julius Baer, are now open: the entry form is…