The Spectator

17 November 2018

The all-seeing state

The dark side of China’s high-tech society



In China’s new surveillance state, everyone will be watched, reviewed and rated

Social credit and a high-tech, all-seeing government will keep every citizen in line


Social credit is just one part of China’s new state control

Any tool that helps to maintain social stability is welcomed by the Communist party


My one-night stand-up hell

Trying my hand at comedy sounded like a great idea. It wasn’t


The Ivy League's dirty secret

The Harvard court case shows US university admissions are anything but meritocratic


Dangerous minds

Labelling criminals as ‘insane’ doesn’t help us to understand them or their crimes

The defeat of Boudica is believed to have been fought on Watling Street

Notes on...

The Roman road that came to define Britain

All roads lead to Rome, the saying goes. Well, all roads except for the Roman road of Watling Street, which…