The Spectator

22 September 2018

A wake-up call

More of us are addicted to our smartphones. But the fightback is beginning



Tech gurus don’t let their kids have smartphones. Here’s why

As suspicions about technology’s dark side increase, the ‘digital detox’ has grown in social status

Caption: Nike’s new campaign starring American football quarterback Colin Kaepernick strains to be poetic. Photo: Getty


When did advertising become so banal?

The more starry-eyed the corporate motto, the bleaker the reality it conceals


How Orbán duped the Brexiteers

Why are members of the old regime so attracted to the police institutions of the new illiberal states?

Jeremy Corbyn’s economic policies might sound daft – but he radiates rebellion. Photo: Getty


Corbyn dares to be different – why don’t other MPs?

Few of us listen when politicians talk because the record is stuck


Welcome to the hard centre – and the future of British politics

The Conservative party will have to return to a one-nation agenda if it wants to survive


Hilary Mantel’s Cromwell was just fiction. Here are the facts

My new biography reveals a man with a genius for political improvisation

Pete Conrad, one half of the second Apollo 12 team, on the moon in 1969

Notes on...

Second best: Why runners up are more interesting than those who come first

Who was the second prime minister? Everyone knows Robert Walpole was the first. Firsts get all the fame and glory.…