The Spectator

16 December 2017

Right side of history

For a century, theorists have argued that the nation state is obsolete. Brexit suggests otherwise



Brexit suggests we’re on the right side of history

Whatever the theorists say, ordinary people seem intuitively to feel the opposite


New world order

  Old establishment New establishment Order of the Garter BBC Sports Personality of the Year Parliament’s Woolsack The Supreme Court…


How I’d sex down the weather forecast

Also: What did Bertie Wooster do next? He became a spy – and I’m writing about it

Ronnie Wood’s ‘Wild Horses’ (2005), acrylic on canvas


For Ronnie Wood, every picture tells a story

The Rolling Stones guitarist on his lifelong obsession


Are driverless cars really the future?

Should we believe the hype about this brave new technological world?


Mission impossible? The C of E’s attempt to woo new members

The church-will-see-me-out brigade’s attitude is not going to work for much longer


How to date without getting sued: Dear Mary’s modern guide

To lunge or not to lunge? A kiss or a handshake? And do you always have to buy her dinner?


I’m teaching my kids about money – by searching for buried treasure

My neighbour’s mother left £2 million in her backyard. My children couldn’t care less


Ruth Davidson on politics, power and a possible move south

‘I don’t believe Corbyn is unstoppable. People who are so afraid of him need to get their act together’


China’s new way to drown out the Christmas message? A sea of tat

The Communist party tolerates Santa but clamps down on Jesus


Even if we could create genius ‘designer’ babies, there’s no demand for them

Strange as it may seem to academics, not everybody thinks intelligence matters all that much


Rolling tanks, plastic flowers and madness on parade: A visit to North Korea

‘They waved bunches of the only two flowers you see in North Korea: the Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia’


Order, order! In the Commons, you are where you sit

Back or front, before the gangway or beyond?


Prue Leith: Everyone’s waiting for me to make another Bake Off gaffe

Also: Christmas in Edinburgh, losing sleep over recipes and the myth of royal fairy tales

Illustrated by Carolyn Gowdy

Christmas Short Story

A Christmas ghost story: Here We Come A-Wassailing by Andrew Michael Hurley

 Andrew Michael Hurley’s debut novel, The Loney, is an unsettling gothic horror story set on a bleak stretch of the…

Forman smokes wild salmon, too — for a price

Notes on...

Why smoked salmon doesn't taste anything like it should

I’m just about old enough to remember when smoked salmon was a rare treat. Then, around 1986 or 1987, suddenly…