The Spectator

25 May 2019

Corbyn isn’t working

Labour is being picked apart by its new enemies



Corbyn isn’t working – and Labour is being picked apart by its new enemies

Rivals are sweeping down like vultures to attack what remains of the party


'I must be off my rocker': Nigel Farage on the campaign trail

The Brexit party has already achieved a reach far beyond what Ukip ever had


Shelf conscious: I had no idea I was such a show-off

Choosing which books to display has exposed my vanity


Iran alone: Tehran’s perspective on escalating hostilities

It would take a rare set of circumstances for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to entertain the Trump prospectus


The day Turkish democracy died

‘It’s official. Turkey is a banana republic!’ My friend Mustapha, a serial entrepreneur, sends me a flurry of doom-laden WhatsApp…


Parent trap: WhatsApp groups are feeding our fears

The technology we use to share our feelings seems to exacerbate them

Notes on...

The magic of the Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea, the most famous flower show in the world, pulled in its devotees once more this week, with its accustomed…