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22 February 2020

Battle of the billionaires

‘Mini Mike’ is the only candidate rich enough to intimidate the President

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High life

Why Bloomberg will be president

Gstaad I was not aware that there is a group of Spectatorfans who meet in French-speaking Switzerland. They contacted me…

Low life

How to sample your own urine

Seven round the table for dinner. Wild mushroom risotto. I was told to sit next to Michael. Good. Michael makes…

Real life

As long as jokes remain legal I’ll keep on making them

Mr Benn has been in touch because he wants a right of reply to an article I wrote about my…

The turf

Cyrname was lucky to survive his shocking fall at Ascot

Few jumpers have a better record at Ascot than the Paul Nicholls-trained Cyrname. He triumphed in the Betfair Chase at…


Bridge 22 February 2020

I’d love to be a fly on the wall when the Rimstedts and their children get together over supper. One…


Confidence tricks

Three consecutive losses in a tournament is dryly termed ‘castling queenside’, in reference to the chess notation for that move…

Chess puzzle

No. 592

Black to play, Kateryna Lagno–Ju Wenjun, February 2020. Material is approximately balanced, but White’s king is in serious danger. What…


3136: Love me don't

In Competition No. 3136 you were invited to submit a lonely hearts ad guaranteed to send those looking for love…


2445: In other words II

41, 1A, 10 (seven words in total) is a description of a phenomenon. Remaining unclued lights, including one of two…

Crossword solution

2442: Don’t nod solution

ROTAVATOR (4A), NAURUAN (12), DEED (25), DEIFIED (36), MALAYALAM (39), REIFIER (4D), TERRET (15D), and REPAPER (18) are palindromes as…

No sacred cows

Why on earth did I volunteer to do stand-up?

It was on my ‘bucket list’, but that doesn’t mean it was a sensible thing to do. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro…

The Wiki Man

The simple trick that will hugely boost your phone coverage

In the recent debate over Britain’s 5G infrastructure, one dog didn’t bark in the night. At no point did anyone…

Dear Mary

Dear Mary: Should I tell my friend that his expensive lunch made me ill?

Q. I see a lot of two of our grandchildren because they live in our London house. We are centrally…


Which water goes best with whisky?

Peaty water ought to be classed as a luxury. You have spent a day on the hill, a’chasing the deer.…

Mind your language

How did being connected become ‘connectivity’?

Facebook recently told readers of the Sun that satellites could ‘bring broadband connectivity to rural regions where internet connectivity is…