The Spectator

18 May 2019

Cometh the hour

The biggest threat to Boris Johnson’s leadership bid is Boris himself


High life

The death of New York’s nightlife

New York   This is my last week in the Bagel and I’m going to give it the old college…

Real life

Now that Brexit’s been cancelled I’m moving to the Dordogne

If we are going to be forced to live under the cosh of the EU, we want to be in the best part of Europe



The Spring Fours in Stratford-upon-Avon — perhaps the most prestigious event in the English calendar — was as enjoyable as…


Ivory gates

This year’s Grand Chess Tour kicked off in the Ivory Coast with a significant innovation, the first ever tournament in…

Chess puzzle

no. 554

Black to play. This is from Topalov-Carlsen, Côte d’Ivoire 2019. How did the world champion finish off? Answers to me…


Verse and reverse

In Competition No. 3098 you were invited to submit a poem that can be read forwards and backwards, i.e. from…


2408: End of the line

Unclued lights name a man born on 18 May; his position; his son; and (singly or correctly paired, two of…

Crossword solution

to 2405: Satanic

DEVILS at 33D (its ‘essence’ is ‘EVIL’) is linked with ‘Malevolence’ (13) and ‘Roguish’ (19) and Devil’s CANDLESTICK (1), ON…

No sacred cows

In defence of British landowners (and the truth about grouse moors)

I was surprised to read the article by Ben Macdonald in last week’s Spectator urging Britain’s grouse moor owners to…

Spectator sport

The fans make British football what it is – stop fleecing them

It is always possible to tell the difference between a bunch of Manchester City fans and auditions for the latest…

Dear Mary

Dear Mary: I’m disabled – how can I stop my carer being so controlling?

Q. I am a disabled man with a good brain and an independent bent. However, I need help to wash…


Tantrums and a top-notch tabbouleh: Ergon House in Athens reviewed

Ergon House is an epicurean boutique hotel in downtown Athens. (I quote the blurb — I never write ‘boutique’ willingly.)…

Mind your language

‘Bolection’ and how the language of architecture was moulded

A pleasant menagerie of words grazes in the field of architectural mouldings (the projecting or incised bands that serve useful…