The Spectator

15 June 2019

Greener than thou

The Tories are desperate to be seen as environmentalists. But at what cost?


Arts feature

Why has British art had such a fascination with fire?

The obsession goes back to medieval ‘Doom’ paintings but there’s been plenty of creative pyromania since

‘We’re not a group, we’re a movement’: the Spice Girls on stage in Coventry


Way more fun than the media would have us believe: The Spice Girls tour reviewed

Nostalgia played a part in the success but so did the rude vitality of the girls


Makes you wonder if you’ve got drunk without noticing: Wild Bill reviewed

Plus: Year of the Rabbit is the best series for great swearing since The Thick of It


Are the Dead Ringers audience told to laugh?

Plus: the contest this week that really mattered – would the past tense or the present historic win on In Our Time?


Angry, cold, self-centred, opaque, disconnected and brutalising: Bronx Gothic reviewed

Plus: it’s a scandal that subsidised theatres such as the Royal Court are staging bad new work by female writers while neglecting the seriously talented Sophie Treadwell

Dark masterpiece: ‘Two Figures’, 1953, by Francis Bacon


There is a jewel of a painting at Gagosian's Francis Bacon show

You will search in vain for paintings of this calibre at Tate Modern's Natalia Goncharova exhibition


Where was the sex? Opera Holland Park’s Manon Lescaut reviewed

Plus: Ivo van Hove peels away the skin rather than the clothes in Janacek’s Diary of One Who Disappeared

Ball boy: Maradona and his parents


Gripping and heartbreaking but I wanted to know more: Diego Maradona reviewed

Asif Kapadia’s latest will send you scurrying to Wikipedia


Easily the best thing I’ve seen at the Grange Festival: Falstaff reviewed

Plus: some startling Mozart from Sir Roger Norrington in Middlesbrough