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21 September 2019

Who governs?

Over-mighty courts are bad for democracy

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Arts feature

The untold story of Judy Garland

Why does the forthcoming biopic ignore the story of the Essex-born civil servant Judy turned to at the end of her life?


Simon Rattle’s Messiaen is improving with age

Plus: a promising debut from the BBC Phil’s new chief conductor who shows he can put art before ego


How refreshing to see a show about prejudice that barely mentions white people

Chiaroscuro is thrillingly frank and tough-minded; The Fishermen is a muddling portrait of a moral hell hole


What’s the point of the Today programme?

Plus: the tone-deaf are having their moment on Radio 3


The rare gifts of Peter Doig

Plus: the magic of Patrick Caulfield and James Rosenquist’s vistas of lustrous but unappealing plenty


Abba, Twitter vs Instagram, and papal selfies: the modern face of the Catholic Church

The fly-on-wall documentary Inside the Vatican shows the Church as it would like us to see it now that Pope Francis is in charge


An eight-year-old’s dream: Muse at the O2 reviewed

Plus: Tyler, the Creator, back for the first time following a three-year ban, is showing his new, sensitive side


Is it time to give up on the Ibsen adaptations?

There is nothing revolutionary about Hedda Tesman and the most interesting thing about An Enemy of the People is still that it inspired Jaws


Painful, funny — and with a brilliant twist: The Farewell reviewed

Awkwafina gives a standout performance in this wonderful film about loss, belonging and family