The Spectator

21 July 2018

The rehabilitation of Assad

He’s back – with Russia’s army and America’s blessing



Assad is back for good in Syria - and with Trump’s blessing

A US-Russia peace plan has huge implications for the Middle East


Jean-Claude drunker

What's ailing the President of the European Commission?
Colonel Claus Schenk Count von Stauffenberg


Hitler’s would-be assassins were, themselves, Nazi war criminals. Why celebrate them?

As Germany marks the failed 20 July putsch, it’s time to set the record straight


The EU is sending migrants home – into the hands of people smugglers

A multi-million repatriation programme is turning out to be not such a great idea


Let funerals be sad

There’s nothing funky about turning death into a fashion parade


British men shouldn’t go topless in public. Ever

Vanity used to be something to be ashamed of. These days, self-deprecation is for losers
Breaking the bank: The impregnable BoE

Notes on...

How easy is it to break into the Bank of England?

‘Safe as the Bank of England.’ So goes the old phrase. And yes, with walls 8ft thick, the Old Lady…