The Spectator

23 March 2019

Will it never end?

The Tories’ current humiliation could be as cataclysmic as Labour’s in 1976



Theresa May’s Brexit strategy has humiliated Britain

And the Tory Party may never recover from the disaster


Brexiteers and Remainers can’t both be right about Bercow’s ruling

All parliament’s tribes still think they can achieve their ideal Brexit outcome


Speaker-speak: the maddening rhetoric of John Bercow

His linguistic antics must be heard to be believed


‘The Islamic State will never die’: their territory is gone but the jihadis are always with us

Isis is a marriage between western imaginations and a recurring stream in Salafi ideology. It will not be easily obliterated


We thought New Zealand was safe from extremism. We were wrong

In a blink, everything has changed and yet nothing has changed. Life goes on. The long, hot days of a…


Why do we love The Archers, when all the characters are loathsome?

I can’t think of a single character who doesn’t drive me potty


A viral hit: how the Christchurch killer weaponised internet culture

The terrorist’s radicalisation appears to have been entirely digital

Excellent creatures

Notes on...

The triumphant return of the British beaver

There is a particularly magical West Country woodland that I know, through which a sunlit stream meanders, braided by a…