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15 December 2018


Benedict Cumberbatch as Dominic Cummings in Brexit: The Uncivil War


Benedict Cumberbatch on playing my husband, Dominic Cummings

Channel 4 has released the trailer for its new Brexit drama – and Mary Wakefield is struck by how good the performances are


Take it from a cartoonist: shoes are the real windows into the soul

A person’s footwear defines them more than anything else, says The Spectator’s cover artist


What happens when the police stop and search a bishop?

I’m not surprised that black people are still eight times more likely than white people to be stopped and searched…


The Sajid Javid manifesto

Can the Conservative party change your life? The Home Secretary thinks so


Women, married or single, get a raw deal at Christmas

There’s a Christmas poem of mine, written in the 1980s, that ends with the line ‘And the whole business is…


Critical injuries: the perils of book reviews

Memories of flattering reviews fade within hours. Wounds from a bad one fester for years


The best thing about Christmas in France? It’s all over in a day

Just back from a few days in Rome — the perfect small metropolis for ‘street-haunting’, as Cyril Connolly described his…


Prue Leith’s Christmas kitchen nightmares

Even professional cooks can muck everything up


Meet the Ever Trumpers, the apostles who will never forsake the President

His loyal disciples are suffering from Donald Trump derangement syndrome


The unbearable pointlessness of Parliament

There are a lot of busy people in politics, but what are they actually doing?

‘A Portrait Group’ by James Cowie [National Galleries of Scotland/Bridgeman Images]


Pick a painting

We asked friends of The Spectator which picture they’d choose to own


A life apart: An interview with Frank Field

The MP on working with Margaret Thatcher, resigning the whip and spending Christmas alone

Illustrated by Carolyn Gowdy

Christmas Short Story

The boy who dreams: A Christmas short story by Susan Hill

‘Wake up, boy! Wake up…’ My father was shaking me and I was confused because it seemed that I had…


Cressida Bonas: An actress's notebook

I’m moving house, parting ways with my beloved friend Georgia. For eight years, the two of us have laughed madly,…

Asia Bibi’s daughters with a picture of their mother


‘Theresa May has failed Pakistan’s Christians’: An interview with Asia Bibi’s lawyer

Saif ul-Malook on fearing for his life and defending Asia Bibi from blasphemy


Giving voice to despair: how a letter from John Osborne changed my life

‘It moves me tremendously that Osborne would take such time to engage with my teenage angst’


The Maduro diet

A letter from Venezuela

Illustrated by Jane Webster

Christmas Short Story

'Jeeves and the Midnight Mess': A Christmas short story

‘Christmas Eve in Mayfair, Jeeves! There’s nothing in heaven to top it. Even with the terror of eleventh-hour shopping for…

Time and Twitter seemed to stop

Notes on...

After five days of being snowed in, awe and wonder starts to wear off

It took three hours for cabin fever to set in. Last Christmas, snowed in at the Oxfordshire homestead, my brother…