The Spectator

17 November 2018

The all-seeing state

The dark side of China’s high-tech society


The Spectator's Notes

If Corbyn’s PM, expect him to wear a white poppy and Frida Kahlo T-shirt

‘It’s time for Bond — Basildon Bond,’ is the joke among pro-Leave MPs as Theresa May serves up her mess…


The maths probably won’t work for May, however hard she tries

The bad news for Theresa May is that Brexit isn’t over. She might have agreed terms with the European Commission…

Rod Liddle

May's deal proves one thing: the establishment always wins

Peasants’ Revolts tend not to work out too well in this country, for the peasants. I suppose that is why…

James Delingpole

Why I won’t be turning Catholic just yet

I didn’t get an audience with the Pope when I visited Rome last weekend. But given that he’s a borderline…

Any other business

Anyone seen Jeff Bezos? I’m here to talk to him about tax

 Los Angeles/Seattle US stocks briefly rallied after the midterm results as markets looked favourably on a divided Congress and the…