The Spectator

22 September 2018

A wake-up call

More of us are addicted to our smartphones. But the fightback is beginning



Forget hard and soft Brexit – we’re heading for a blind Brexit

Brexit won’t be over by 29 March 2019. Britain will legally leave the European Union on that date. But that…

Rod Liddle

Men and women are born equal but different. Deal with it

I was delighted to see Claire Foy win an Emmy award for her portrayal of the Queen in the fine…

James Delingpole

15 reasons to fall in love with Germany and Germans

Things I learned about the Germans after a fortnight living as a non–tourist in Frankfurt:   1. Germans, and Germany…

Any other business

Jaguar’s boss isn’t scaremongering. The UK car industry is in big trouble

‘I’m afraid I think he’s making it up,’ was the retort of Tory MP Sir Bernard Jenkin on Monday’s Today…