The Spectator

23 February 2019

The change we need?

The new Independent Group causes problems for both Labour and the Tories


The Spectator's Notes

Carrying cash is becoming a minority occupation like smoking

The BBC reported on Tuesday that the proposed closure of Honda’s plant at Swindon was largely caused by the prospect…


How to solve Europe's Nato problem

There are four major power blocs in the world — the United States, Russia, China and the EU. Of these,…

Rod Liddle

The Independent Group can't survive just on anti-Corbyn hatred

I once came up against Mike Gapes in a fraternal game of five-a-side football played at the Elephant and Castle…

James Delingpole

The full Delingpole: why I stripped naked and posted the video online

It was a bright Sunday afternoon and I was harmlessly at my desk, minding my own business, when from the…

Any other business

The UK car industry is reversing back to the 1970s

When I wrote a fortnight ago, in the context of Nissan’s decision not to build its new X-Trail model at…