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20 July 2019

Watson’s new plot

The Labour leader may about to be floored

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The Week

Leading article

It’s not just Scotland’s drugs shame – it’s Britain’s

Twenty years ago, the Scottish parliament was reconvened after a lapse of almost three centuries. The logic for devolution was…

Portrait of the week

Portrait of the week: Theresa May’s new role, England’s cricket victory and the world's steepest street

Home In a televised debate between the rivals for election by members of the Conservative party as their new leader…


Nick Robinson: I’ve underestimated Boris ever since our Oxford clashes

By this time next week the Johnson era will surely have begun. ‘We can, we will, we must now escape…


When will man make it to Mars?

Mars missions When will there be a manned Mars mission? — As early as 1962, Nasa studied the practicalities of…

Ancient and modern

Roman plebs would have known how to tackle Corbyn’s cabal

Jeremy Corbyn’s refusal to take serious action against Labour’s anti-Semitic members is no surprise: Marxists know who their friends are.…


Letters: Melissa Kite saved my life – twice

Leave we must Sir: It is interesting that as the Brexit process drags, people become more distanced from what was…