The Spectator

16 March 2019

It’s not over yet

Extending Brexit could revive May’s deal

The Week

Leading article

The Tories are squandering the opportunity of Brexit

In all the madness of the Brexit voting, it’s easy to forget that Philip Hammond revealed a mini-Budget this week. Even…

Portrait of the week

Portrait of the week: government defeat, the spring statement and a fatal airplane crash

Home The government was defeated by 149 votes — 391 to 242 — on the EU withdrawal agreement presented by…


George Osborne: My campaign to Make Hancock Great Again

The best thing about the Evening Standard going to print at lunchtime is that we can be first to a…


Will no-deal Brexit fears lead to cheaper flights?

Cox’s codpiece Attorney general Geoffrey Cox returned from Brussels without even a ‘codpiece’, the name used by some Tories for…

Ancient and modern

As the Romans knew, eternal life is hopeless without eternal youth

A research professor has pointed out that lengthening human lifespan threatens to turn us into living zombies unless we can…


Letters: the UK shouldn’t have approved the text of Article 50

Turn it off and on again Sir: The conclusion of your leading article of 9 March (‘Close the deal’) that…