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13 July 2019

The ties that bind

Can Boris Johnson forge a brand-new transatlantic alliance?

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The Tories can profit from Labour panic

In some alternative universe the Labour party, as under Tony Blair in the mid 1990s, is busily preparing for government,…

Portrait of the week

Portrait of the week: A resignation in Washington, Labour departures and a plague of toxic caterpillars

Home Sir Kim Darroch resigned as British ambassador to Washington after the Mail on Sunday published disobliging emails he had…

Boris Johnson and Petronella Wyatt at The Spectator’s summer party in 2016 (Alan Davidson/Shutterstock)


Petronella Wyatt: I’ve been turned into a curiosity – and Boris is to blame

I am beginning to feel like a sort of fairground curiosity: one of those pickled things in jars that Victorians…

From The Archives

An absurd craze

From ‘Keeping fat’ by Geoffrey Wheatcroft, 7 October 1978: The running craze is a symptom of our deplorable age, in…


Is women’s football really that popular?

Ode to all sorts Brexit party MPs were likened to Nazis for turning their backs on a recital of ‘Ode to…

Ancient and modern

Politics, Pandora and the tender leaves of hope

With parliament irretrievably deadlocked over Brexit and the EU intransigent, there remains little belief that either of the prime ministerial…


Letters: Can Boris actually count?

Crisis in Hong Kong Sir: It was inspiring to see Hong Kong protesters raising the British flag as a symbol…