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The Spectator

22 February 2020

Battle of the billionaires

‘Mini Mike’ is the only candidate rich enough to intimidate the President

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The Week

Leading article

Britain is booming – despite Brexit

After the vote for Brexit, it was often said that our departure from the EU was most likely to harm…

Portrait of the week

Portrait of the week: Cabinet reshuffle, another royal divorce and coronavirus hits iPhones

Home The Budget, still scheduled for 11 March, had to be rewritten after Rishi Sunak was made Chancellor of the…


Julian Smith: Despite being sacked, it has been a weirdly good week

A doctor will tell you heart attacks may appear to come out of the blue, but if you look carefully,…


Who actually goes on a cruise?

Breeding controversy A Downing Street aide, believed to have been recruited as a result of Dominic Cummings’s advert for ‘weirdos…

Ancient and modern

What Boris has in common with Roman emperor Augustus

The PM was filmed introducing his new cabinet by getting them to answer in unison how many hospitals, how many…


Letters: How to make a cup of tea

No defence Sir: Jon Stone (Letters, 15 February) recalls the horrors and miseries of being subjected to bombing from the…