The Spectator

8 December 2018

Brexit’s crunch point

Are we about to arrive at the most important date in recent British history?


The Spectator's Notes

If May’s deal falls, there may be enough Labour MPs to gain a majority for ‘Norway plus’

Inside the Dominic Grieve amendment carried on Tuesday is the embryo of a new political party. Any parliamentary majority for what…

Rod Liddle

Why does Le Carré get a prime BBC slot? Because he loathes the West

Thank the blessed Lord it’s over. Not Brexit, or Theresa May’s flailing and spastic governance. I’m talking about John le…

Matthew Parris

Why are children so fearful about the future?

For any bosses from the Singapore education department reading this, I have a message. It comes from (I’d guess) most…

Lionel Shriver

Will racial blending undermine identity politics? Let's hope so

Behold, the most incendiary statistic in America: the Census Bureau’s projection of when whites will become a minority in what…

Any other business

Who’s really to blame for the Crossrail fiasco?

There’s been a strong sense of pre-Christmas turkeys coming home to roost in this week’s news, as stories I’ve written…