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17 August 2019

War of words

Overusing the label ‘far right’ is both wrong and dangerous

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High life

Another birthday has got me down, but the alternative is being dead

If it hadn’t arrived I’d be dead, but it was hardly welcome: another birthday — 38 years old on 11…

Low life

A day spent in Oncology

My positive results made me want to dance the can-can

Real life

I’ve always enjoyed myself on Wayfair – but this time I’ve had enough

Trying to get my money back for an item that didn’t arrive is proving a nightmare

The turf

Why do race-goers have to subsidise the post-sport entertainment?

The Shergar Cup meeting is the best family day out in racing; and Goodwood is as glorious as ever

Spectator Wine

Wine Club 17 August

Everyone loves Beaujolais. Now come on, don’t be like that! Of course they do! I’m not talking about ropey old…


Zugger zugged

The German expression zugzwang means ‘compulsion to move’ and is most often seen in the endgame. Consider the following position…

Chess puzzle

no. 567

White to play. This position is from Alekhine-Nimzowitsch, San Remo 1930. Can you spot the quiet move that puts black…


Spanish eyes

In Competition No. 3111 you were invited to submit William Topaz McGonagall’s poetic response to Magaluf.   The Tayside Tragedian…


2421: Tina

‘40/37/1A’, as he has been called, was born in 28 (two words) and died in 30/36. He was a reluctant…

Crossword solution

to 2418: Sweet

Unclued lights are all sweet wines. WESTERNISED, an anagram of DESSERT WINE, was to be highlighted. &nbspFirst prize Erin Barrack,…

No sacred cows

By taking on grouse-shooting, Labour is risking rural jobs

The Glorious Twelfth this year, signalling the start of the grouse-shooting season, was overshadowed by a Labour party press release…

The Wiki Man

Looking for a new idea? Try borrowing an old one

Recently I suggested a new approach to commuter-train overcrowding. It simply involved reformulating the problem by accepting that not all…

Dear Mary

Dear Mary: How can I politely turn down friends’ sponsorship requests?

Q. I want my guests to feel welcome when they stay with us and certainly don’t want to nag them.…


Like Team Boris, I’m staying in London this summer

Foolish me. I could have been writing this by the shore of Lake Trasimene, with only one problem: how to…

Mind your language

What to call an inferior politician?

‘What about poetaster, then?’ asked my husband accusingly, looking up from his whisky and the Spectator, in which I’d ruminated…