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20 April 2019

The way of the cross

Without Christ we would not have western values


The Spectator's Notes

What would happen if the Gospels were judged in a history contest?

This week, the Wolfson History Prize announced its shortlist. It is always worth drawing attention to, precisely because it is…


Brexit failure will cost the Tories – whoever their leader is

One of the oddities of this parliament has been that, despite everything, the government has remained ahead in the polls…

Rod Liddle

Why conservatives can’t survive in government

I had mixed feelings about the sacking of Roger Scruton from the government’s Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission, following comments…

Mary Wakefield

My friend’s death taught me what Easter really means

The bravest thing I’ve ever seen was 93-year-old Albert’s decision to die and the days after in which he stuck…

James Delingpole

Are you ‘culture compliant’?

Here’s a quick quiz to jolly up your Easter. 1. Lucy Noble, artistic director of the Royal Albert Hall, thinks…

Any other business

Why passengers won’t mourn the passing of Virgin trains

‘Virgin trains could be gone from the UK in November,’ blogged Sir Richard Branson from his billionaire hideaway after the…